Fishing in Nakina, Ontario
Fishing in Nakina, Ontario
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Packing Tips

Make the most of the space

Trying to pack food and gear for a week for 4 to 6 people is not easy. This is why we are sharing with you a few of our packing tips to make this part of your trip easier and lighter. Everything is weight related for the flight so a few creative tips can help lighten the load.

Soft sided duffle bags are the best and do not need to exceed 50 lbs. It is also better to travel with two smaller bags than one big one. They are easier for the airline to handle.

Do not use tupperware or hard sided luggage, they do not form into small places or areas on the plane. Cardboard boxes work well for packing food, they can be bent if necessary and also can be burned on site when you are finished with them.

It’s a good idea to plan your menu ahead of time and stick to it the best you can to avoid waste. We do recommend one person in your group does the grocery shopping in order to avoid duplicates. A helpful tip is to use any frozen food or beverages as your ice packs in order to save on weight.

Our outpost camps are located on such beautiful unmanned land and we want to keep it that way. This being said we would ask you to use anything that is biodegradable and/or can be burned. Please refrain from using glass items outside. This will help you avoid unnecessary weight by having to haul it in and eliminate the potential of broken glass in baggage and around camp. We provide you with the necessary dishes, glassware and silverware. We ask that any glass items do not leave the main dinning cabin.

Beverages (including water) are your own responsibility, and are a part of your total weight limit of 150 lbs per person. If you don’t want to bring all bottled water a water filter is also a good option.

We do not fly in cases of bottled beer or soda, please purchase cans.

We recommend purchasing some flavors for your water if desired, and avoid bringing too many pop cans that can add lots of extra weight quickly. Bring the amount needed for mixers for your drinks but the flavor mixers can be an alternative to your non alcoholic beverages.

The maximum size recommended is 48 quart. Anything larger becomes too heavy and difficult to handle. They also make it hard to manage and place onto the aircraft. The pilots and airport staff really appreciate you using the recommended sizes. Additional coolers can be left in your vehicles for transporting your moose home.

Check the weather forecast before you pack for your trip. You can find the forecast on our weather link located on the main page. If you look it up yourself make sure to look at the weather for Landsdowne House. Dressing in layers is always a good idea and you can leave your clean travel clothes in your vehicles. Please pack a rain suit for those “not so nice days”.

It’s a good idea to sort your tackle box before packing for your trip. Certain lures will not be needed depending on your type of fishing and they quickly add extra weight. Small to medium size tackle boxes are the best and easiest to handle.

We ask you to please put your fishing rods in rod tubes. This makes it not only easier to load but also much safer for everyone. Try to condense your group rods into one or two tubes.

Also please make sure all knifes are in a sheath or protective case.

Make sure weapons are in case with a trigger lock applied. Archery equipment needs to be in a case as well. Please make sure broadheads are secured or in a case to prevent accidents or cuts.

All hunting knives must also be in a sheath or protective case for the safety of anyone handling your luggage.

Please bring wrap (cheese cloth) for your quarters while hanging.

Items such as garage bags, paper towels, and toilet paper are not provided.  Often there are many of these items remaining in camp from previous guests but please have some just in case.