Man posing with a bull moose rack

Fly-in Trophy Moose Hunting

The wilderness north of Ontario has some of the best Moose hunting in Canada.

Moose population in our area estimated at almost 3000 animals and growing.

3 men posing with a bull mooseThe wilderness north of Nakina has the best Moose hunting in Ontario. The population of Moose in our region is so high that we receive more adult Moose tags than any other area of Ontario. We cater to both archery and rifle hunters and have both Bull tags and Cow tags for WMU 1D. Bull Moose in the Nakina area have been known to exceed 1500 pounds, and antler spreads surpassing 60”.

Our bulls experience very low hunting pressure therefore allowing them to grow older and larger than other areas in Ontario.

We can fully customize any hunting trip to meet your needs. The options are too plentiful to list on our website without creating confusion so please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Due to our ideal location Ontario residents can expect a nearly 100% chance of being successful in the moose draw for our region. Many years surplus tags are available for those who were unsuccessful in the draw in other areas.

Please contact us for any moose questions, or inquiries about availability, or just to “shoot the bull”.

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All Outpost Camps are available for Trophy Moose Hunting: Beteau, Windsor, Richter, and Blackbirch. The camp booked for your Trophy Moose Hunting adventure will be based on the number of people in your hunting party, experience, length of hunt, location and amenities desired. Therefore, please contact us to discuss which camp best suits your needs and desires.

Statistically for all of our camps combined, there has been a success rate of 76% for hunting parties.

The largest moose brought down to date had an antler spread of 67 inches (2021) and weighed approx. 1,500 pounds. There have been many moose harvested having antler spreads over 50 inches.

In the fall of 2019, a one side 30 inch antler spread shed was found around the Beteau Lake Camp. This would equate to an antler spread well over 60 inches. This Moose is out there to be hunted. Moose this size have been seen during hunting trips, and have eluded us, so they are still out there and have been spotted by fisherman during non-season.

Wolf Hunt


Wolf hunting is permitted complimentary for anyone who joins us on a moose hunt!

Wolf Hunting

Because of the high population of Moose and the late season migration of Caribou traveling south into the area there is a large population of wolves just waiting for the feast to begin. Wolves are often seen by bear hunters at the bait stands and wolves are also seen running the game trails looking for Moose. Moose hunters often stake-out a game trail coming down to the water where there is a high probability of seeing a Moose and having a clear shot. Wolves often have the same idea and will congregate near the water waiting for a Moose to come down for a drink.

Wolf Hunting

Wolf packs break up in the spring and the wolves travel in pairs during the summer but in the fall the pack gets back together so they can hunt together during the winter. They call out to each other to reform the pack and hunters can hear them and estimate their location.

Moose and Bear hunters can buy an additional small game license and harvest a wolf. We also offer a Moose-Wolf hunting combo package.