Our Conservation Policy:

Pike 100% catch and release, Walleye may be kept respecting Ontario possession limits for Zone 2


We would ask that all of our friends and guests observe a ​100% no kill policy on all Pike.​ We believe this is the only way to ensure the quality of the experience. In addition proper handling of these magnificent fish is imperative. We will provide each boat with a landing net to help assist in the handling of fish. Please try to keep the fish in the net at the boat side while unhooking. Wire cutters, long nosed pliers and jaw spreaders are essential tools for a quick and safe release. If the hooks are buried too deeply please utilize wire cutters to quickly cut your hooks and remove the lure.

When your partner is ready with the camera quickly lift the fish for a photo being very careful to support the fish underneath as well. Vertical holds can damage internal organs! Please use a glove as well when hoisting the fish in the boat for a photo. Your grip will be enhanced and the risk of dropping these large, strong fish in the boat will be minimized. Return the fish as quickly as possible to the water to be revived. If they seem particularly weak utilize the net or hold by tail until their strength has returned. If everyone uses these handling techniques it’s our hope that most of the delayed mortality caused by improper handling will be eliminated.


Fishing for Walleye must comply with the Ontario Guidelines for our zone.​ In addition we ask that all walleye larger than 24” are released to help sustain the trophy population we take so much pride in. We would like to be able to continue to offer this unbelievable experience for generations to come.


Whether it be a Pike, a Walleye or a majestic Bull Moose, conservation and guest cooperation with our policies is the only way we will be able to maintain this truly special place for future Hunters, Anglers and their families for years to come. We thank you in advance for your commitment to joining us in this endeavor.