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Bear and Wolf Hunting

Our Bears and Wolves have never seen human activity

Fly in Bear Hunting

Black bear Blackbirch Lake Gray Wood OutfittersOur Outfitter has the exclusive rights to bear hunting is WMU 1D, and therefore the bears in our area have zero pressure from any other hunters.

We have organized Black Bear Hunts available. Hunters are placed in stands over active baits in a region that produces the biggest Black Bears in Ontario. Black Bears average around 250 pounds but your chances at a big 400 pound plus boar are excellent. Both archery and rifle hunters are welcome.

Ontario is the top Black Bear Hunting destination in Canada with hundreds of outfitters offering great bear hunts with good success rates. There are a few questions to ask yourself when making your decision on where you should go. Where is the best place to hunt, with the highest success rate for Big Bears. Where are the biggest Black Bears in Ontario located, and where will you experience the highest adventure value for your dollar? These answers will ultimately give you not only an incredible hunting trip, but also a fantastic vacation.

Your answer is Gray Wood Outfitters.

Black Bear North of NakinaAs you travel north from Lake Superior the average size of the Black Bears keep getting bigger. Once you are in that ribbon of boreal forest north of highway 11 you are in the hot zone where the biggest Black Bears in Ontario are located. The region has been named the Black Bear Triangle. It starts in theNorthern Nipigon region and then heads east curving to the south below James Bay. Once you pass this area heading north the bears start to get smaller again until you hit the tree line where there are no bears. The whole area north of the towns of Nakina, Jellicoe and Armstrong is where you will have your best chance at harvesting a Black Bear over 400 pounds.

The massive size of the bears north of Nakina can be explained by a few main factors. First, the diverse landscape with 1000s of lakes and streams produces high numbers of critters that the bears like to eat; mainly beavers. It’s their main source of meat. Secondly, forest fires and logging clears areas for fresh new growth thus producing new grasses as well as a plenitude of Blueberry and Raspberry bushes for the bears to eat. Thirdly the lack of any hunting pressure in our area allows bears to grow without disturbance for many many years.

Our BMA (Bear Management Area) is the only one in WMU 1D, so there is no other outfitter in the area hunting other than Gray Wood. We have multiple bait stands spread out through the BMA at the most strategic spots where our guides have scouted out bear signs.

Many bears have been taken in the 300-450 lbs range and our hunters have enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate.

Bear hunting can be added to any moose hunting package. Please enquire.

2024 Bear hunting weeks are sold out. Email Us

Wolf Combo Hunt

Wolf Hunting Because of the high population of Moose and the late season migration of Caribou traveling south into the area there is a large population of wolves just waiting for the feast to begin. Wolves are often seen by bear hunters at the bait stands and wolves are also seen running the game trails looking for Moose. Moose hunters often stake-out a game trail coming down to the water where there is a high probability of seeing a Moose and having a clear shot. Wolves often have the same idea and will congregate near the water waiting for a Moose to come down for a drink.

Wolf HuntingWolf packs break up in the spring and the wolves travel in pairs during the summer but in the fall the pack gets back together so they can hunt together during the winter. They call out to each other to reform the pack and hunters can hear them and estimate their location.

Moose and Bear hunters can buy an additional small game license and harvest a wolf. We also offer a Moose-Wolf hunting combo package.